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From your St Louis MO handyman
counties MO
The new bathroom will not only beautify but also update
your home.
What materials will I need to remodel my shower or

  • 1 shower pan or bath tub
  • 1shower surround or tub surround
  • 1shower faucet
  • 1 toilet
  • 1vanity
  • 1vanity top
  • 1vanity faucet
  • Flooring and threshold
  • Primer and Paint
  • Accessories as per taste or needs.

For any information concerning this list of bathroom
remodeling materials
please call Shaun at (314) 452-3868
A successful bathroom renovation requires
  • Detail planning
  • Plumbing skills
  • Carpentry skills
  • Electrical skills
  • Keeping the electrical simple (just fixture replacements)
    will keep the skill level to a minimum.
  • Pay for it now or pay for it later but you are going to have
    to pay for it
  • Don't cut corners it does not pay.
  • 30 years later and all I learned was to take my time and
    do it by the book the first time
  • Leave any plumbing exposed for a few hours.

For any help concerning the above information please feel free
to call me (Shaun) at (314) 452-3868
Some information to help you to create the mood you want
when painting a particular room.

White Purifies, using white paint creates unity and boost all
other colors.

Blue Relaxes, cools, refreshes, and produces tranquil

Pink Soothes, invokes affection.

Red Empowers, dramatizes, competes and stimulates.

Green Balances, using green paint refreshes and
promotes growth.

Yellow energizes, Brightens and expands.

Orange Cheers, Stimulates appetites and commands.

Purple Comforts, Using purple creates mystery and

Black Strengthens, using black paint makes all colors
From your St Louis MO Handyman
Some improvements make your home more comfortable to
live in.
Some improvements add to its value.
Such improvements may include:
  • installing new cabinets
  • Installing counter tops
  • Installing ceramic tile to your kitchen and bathrooms
  • Building a deck or patio
  • Adding a skylight or a fireplace  
  • Converting your basement or attic into living space
    You may also choose to add one or more rooms to
    your home.
  • Having a connection to a handyman for home and
    business repairs can have true value when it comes
    to saving on any list of home repair services.

For any help concerning any of the above information
please call Shaun @ (314) 452-3868
The Golden Rule Handyman
(314)452-3868   ~   (636)795-3759
Let your St. Louis MO
handyman assembly that
play set.
We build play sets;
when you purchase that unassembled
play set it's what you think one big
puzzle with 4 gallon bags of screws and
time consuming;
let us assemble your play set in St
Louis MO and all surrounding

The new Consumer Action Handbook - This guide from the Federal Citizen Information Center can help with your consumer problems and questions. Find help on such topics as buying and leasing cars, shopping from home and protecting your privacy and yourself from fraud.

Offering handyman services in the following counties
City of St Louis
St Louis Building Division
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St Louis Building Permits
(314) 622-3313

City of Hazelwood
City of Maplewood
City of Jennings  
City of Ferguson
City of Florissant
City of St. Charles
City of St Peters
City of O-Fallon MO
City of wentzville
City of Foristell
Poison Control
MO Regional Poison Center
7980 Clayton Rd # 200, St. Louis, MO
(314) 772-8300

IL Poison Center
1 Memorial Dr, Alton, IL
(618) 463-7007

Electric Company
Laclede Natural Gas Company  

City of Webster Groves
City of Chesterfield
City of Kirkwood
City of Brentwood
City of Valley Park
The state of MO division of
Natural Resources
Safe drinking water commission
MO dept of state parks
Public notices open for public comment
Drywall Repairs
Tips for your home from the St Louis MO handyman
When you read product labels, look for signal words.
product is. Older products in your home may not list signal words.
Drugs and personal care products are not required to list them, although many
are hazardous.

Signal Word        Meaning
Poison                 highly toxic
Danger                extremely flammable, corrosive, or highly toxic
Warning              moderate hazard
Caution               mid/moderate hazard
No signal word        not hazardous
MO call before you dig-
We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards                        
Home Improvements
The levels of home improvements or repairs
span from a single Mom at home with a butter
knife tightening the screw on a door knob to
an engineer remodeling his home's office

A)To understand what tools will be needed.
B) A list of materials needed.
C)A list of the steps that should be taken in
order to get started with the first step and
completed when you finish the last step.
D) Acceptance for when the home repair or
improvement should be left to a professional.

To do a simple home improvement does not
require a vast knowledge of local regulations
and building codes, but knowing when you
need to know the regulations and codes is
very important.
Kitchen designs
Kitchen backsplashes
Custom kitchen painting
Exterior painting
Exterior structures
design build.
Exterior structures
staining and
Decorating is quick and
easy with paint
Home care tips
moisture control
household fungus
Home repair rip-offs
Home Painting
Siding Installation and repairs
Deck repairs and building
The Golden Rule Handyman       (314)452-3868 or (636)795-3759
Some of your handyman services:

    Fixing the leak under the sink.
Replacing that sticky faucet.
    Patching the hole in the wall.
Painting the living room
    Changing the floor in the bathroom.
Changing the kitchen light.
    Installing a new bathroom vanity.
Fixing the shaky stair rail.
    Changing a faulty outlet.
Changing the front door.
    Changing the back door.
Building a deck.
    Repairing doors.
Building steps.
    Installing new closet doors.
Installing ceiling fans.
    Installing new toilets.
Installing new lighting.
    Remodeling the kitchen.
Remodeling the bathroom.
    Building a shed.
Installing new flooring.
    Painting the ceiling.
Painting the bathroom.
    Painting the bedroom.
Television hanging
What to expect:
Free estimate
Description of procedures
Professional materials
Professional tools
Proper preparation
Professional documentation
Timely project turn around

Call Shaun:  314 452 3868
NEW Bathroom SPECIAL in the
St Louis and
St Charles areas
New shower pan & shower walls
New vanity & faucets
New bathroom floor    
New bathroom medicine cabinet
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